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5 Ways Leadership Turns Good Employees Into Gone Employees

When it comes to meeting company objectives, employees who get their work done and get it done well are a manager's dream. So what happens that leads these employees to walk their "meets or exceeds expectations" butts out the door? Here are 5 things that cause good employees to become disengaged and uninvested and, eventually, to find a new job.

1. Lack of accountability. Poor performance is not addressed, people are allowed to provide BS responses in meetings that go unchecked, and nothing happens.

2. Lack of consistency. Good employees are pushed and pushed and talked to when their performance dips while others have gone years without anyone saying anything to them.

3. Lack of transparency. Leadership speaks to employees like they are children who are incapable of handling the truth. They twist reality and spin messages to always sound positive.

4. Lack of knowledge. Some leaders are promoted because they were a top-performing individual contributor but they have no idea how to lead or manage people. Some leaders have effervescent personalities but don't know a lick about the subject matter.

5. Lack of support. Employees go to their leaders looking for support and are met with platitudes, dodgy answers, and no follow-through or backup.

Are you a leader at an organization where this exists and you want to change it? I can help you develop a strategy to make the changes you desire.

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