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Hi, I'm Kari

Speaker | Strategist | Lover of Life

As an Executive Coach, I help people maximize their results by activating the superpowers within them. My philosophy is that each of us has the knowledge and ability to create the success we desire. With a coach in your support network, you get a brainstorming partner, an objective perspective, and someone to hold you accountable while cheering you on.

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Calling all passionate change leaders!

Are you passionate about driving systemic change in your organization or your community? Excellent.

Unfortunately, passion doesn't preclude you from burning out, having doubts, or getting stuck.

If you feel:

  • Frustrated with the lack of resources to accomplish your goals

  • Exhausted from giving so much of yourself without seeing returns

  • Overwhelmed by the growing list of things that need done

  • Drained by the lack of progress, the resistance to change, and the unreliability of others 


Then you've come to the right place!

I started Kari Zee Coaching as a way for me to help others achieve more freedom, balance, and peace while they make their dreams a reality.

A grainy photo of Kari giving a thumbs up while standing in front of the first structure she ever designed which is a steel substation reactor structure

Using STEM for systemic change

Life's complicated. I'll help you simplify it. My expertise in multiple STEM fields means you can expect practical, logical, and sustainable solutions.


  • Licensed Professional Engineer

  • Certified Associate in Project Management

  • Quality Process Improvement Specialist

  • Associate Certified Coach

  • People Leader

About KZC

Kari Zee Coaching, LLC is an LGBTQIA+ and woman-owned business that serves as a people-first Consultant to executives and change leaders struggling with burnout and imposter syndrome as they work towards creating systemic changes within their organizations and communities.

Our goal is to eliminate the stress that comes with change management, program execution, and employee development by sharing our knowledge from root-cause analysis and providing simple and practical tools for sustainable, life-long mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

How do we do it?

➤ Process Audits
➤ Strategic Planning
➤ Company Training
➤ Executive Coaching

As a Certified Professional Coach, Professional Engineer, Certified Project Manager, and Process Improvement Specialist with a lifelong passion for disrupting the status quo, Kari helps frustrated and driven leaders find more balance and peace without sacrificing effectiveness.

Kari started Kari Zee Coaching with the sole purpose of creating a more diverse leadership landscape in Corporate America by teaching those best suited for the roles how not to burn out on their way to the top.

As a recovering burned out over-achiever, Kari has spent the last 6 years reverse-engineering what led her to her lowest point, and she has put together the blueprint for others who find themselves on a similar path. With over a decade of experience in corporate spaces and leadership positions, Kari has the knowledge of the challenges that exist for passionate, driven leaders who can’t get things done fast enough.

How to work with me

1. Contact Me

Express your interest in working with me

2. Agree on Scope

We have a chat and get aligned on expectations

2. Sign the Contract

I send you the documents and we both sign

4. Execute the Plan

We do the work and get those results


A headshot of Kari standing in front of a gray background
Kari Zee, PE, CPC

Kari is a Licensed Professional Engineer, Certified Associate in Project Management, trained process improvement specialist, Certified Professional Coach, and experienced leader.

Prior to starting her own coaching business, Kari worked in the electric utility industry for over a decade, designing reliable systems to energize people's lives. She prides herself on her ability to initiate high-impact change by uncovering the root problem and achieving results by maximizing talent and resources to create and implement custom, streamlined solutions,






Core Values

Kari holds a BA in Engineering Physics from Thiel College, a BS in Civil Engineering (Structural) from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Master's Certificate in Project Management from Villanova University Online. In 2020, she received her Professional Coaching Certification through the Academy of Creative Coaching.

In her spare time, Kari enjoys trying new things and traveling to places that offer great food and good weather.

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