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As a Burnout Prevetion Coach, I help people elevate their life experience by teaching them how to master control of themselves. My philosophy is that life can throw what it wants at you, but when you are living in full control of how you show up in this life, you can handle any situation without being burned out by it. My gift is helping people create a life experience they love, regardless of the circumstances.



My hobby is new experiences. Which means I'm always looking for my next adventure. After years of fine-tuning my self-preservation practices, I've mastered how to experience every day as an adventure without draining myself.


I've spoken about burnout and DEI on virtual and live stages for organizations such as the Urban League of Rochester, One Woman, and Manning & Napier. I have also been a featured guest author and speaker for the Inclusion Solution and the Diversity ER.


My mission is to protect the individual health and safety of DEI Leaders with big ambitions by teaching them sustainable practices to prevent burnout and keep them engaged and motivated.


  • Burdened by the weight of expectation

  • Overwhelmed with everything you envision that needs to be done

  • Drained by the lack of significant progress and resistance to change

  • Fearful that you'll never be successful


Then you've come to the right place!

I started Kari Zee Coaching as a way for me to help others master control over their lives to achieve more freedom, balance, and peace.

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Using STEM for burnout prevention

Life's complicated. I'll help you simplify it.


  • Licensed Professional Engineer | solving problems and designing plans

  • Certified Associate in Project Management | organizing and managing resources

  • Quality Process Improvement Specialist | creating efficient, repeatable, and sustainable systems

  • Certified Professional Coach | leading mindset shifts for lifelong transformation

  • Leader | managing organizational change and strategizing


Using industry best practices, I will teach you how to :

  • Maintain your ENERGY

  • Control your EMOTIONS

  • Prioritize your PERSONAL WELLNESS and

  • Master your BOUNDARIES


So that you can finally find peace and enjoy your life.


In a nutshell, I spent 11 years climbing the corporate ladder, chasing success in the form of credentials, recognition, and promotions until I became someone I didn't like. Not only did I hardly recognize myself, but I also suffered from various medical ailments, struggled to maintain positive relationships, and moved through life so wound up, a wrong look in my direction would bring me to angry tears.

I lost more than time. I lost myself. I was so focused on succeeding to survive that I forgot to take care of myself so I could live. 

HARSH TRUTH: loving what you do is not enough to prevent burnout

  • I loved being a design engineer. I thought I had the coolest job in the world. But, I still burned out doing it.

  • I loved being a leader. Training and developing employees and watching them grow into the next version of themselves was part of the reason I stayed so long in my corporate job. But, I still burned out doing it.

Work will still feel like work if you don't have good practices in place to maintain balance.

Once I started prioritizing my own well-being, I learned to identify the stressors that were causing me to burn out and I developed a system to prevent these stressors from negatively affecting me. Even in high-pressure situations, I kept myself intact. I discovered the interconnectedness of diversity and burnout and the impact on the bigger picture that burnout has on society.

My passion is DEI and creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive social system that accepts and celebrates individuality. So, I teach people how to thrive in a world that isn't set up for them to do so. Through training and empowering people to live their lives authentically, without doubt, and sustainably, we can create a more inclusive world.

​If you are ready to learn to the SECRETS to SUSTAINBLE LIVING, then click here and send me a message. Together, we will design a burnout prevention and recovery plan for lifelong emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

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Kari Zee, PE, CPC






Core Values

Kari is a Licensed Professional Engineer, Certified Associate in Project Management, trained process improvement specialist, Certified Professional Coach, and experienced leader.

Prior to starting her own coaching business, Kari worked in the electric utility industry for over a decade, designing reliable systems to energize people's lives. She prides herself on her ability to initiate high-impact change by uncovering the root problem and achieving results by maximizing talent and resources to create and implement custom, streamlined solutions,

Kari holds a BA in Engineering Physics from Thiel College, a BS in Civil Engineering (Structural) from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Master's Certificate in Project Management from Villanova University Online. In 2020, she received her Professional Coaching Certification through the Academy of Creative Coaching.

In her spare time, Kari enjoys exploring the trails of the Pacific Northwest and traveling to places that offer great food and good weather.


Why did I become a coach?

From the moment I switched roles from an individual contributor to a supervisory position, I fell in love with coaching my employees and watching them grow and develop, personally and professionally. I'm also excellent at making things happen.

Why did I start my own coaching business?

As much as I loved coaching my colleagues, I wanted to have a greater impact than I could have within the walls of my organization. I wanted to be a change agent in shifting the demographic of Fortune 500 CEO's to include more diversity, and I knew I needed to expand my reach.

Why burnout?

My entire life I've been labeled an overachiever, high-potential, and curve-ruiner. Though my drive and determination got me to where I wanted to go, I eventually burned out from pushing myself. When I started my journey to a more sustainable lifestyle, I discovered a connection between my burnout and my position as the "token" in most of the rooms I walked into. It's been seven years since I changed my approach, and I haven't again reached a point of burnout. Nope, not even during the pandemic of 2020*. 

*2020, 2021, 2022...

Why imposter syndrome?

In my leadership roles, I often heard the employees I felt would make the best leaders say "I'm not ready" or "I don't have enough experience" and, sometimes, "I have imposter syndrome." This led me to study imposter syndrome more and I discovered it's deeper than simply feeling like a fraud. I eventually learned that imposter syndrome played a role in creating my own burnout. Now, I teach others to overcome their imposter syndrome so they can prevent burnout while changing the landscape of leadership.

Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leaders?

Leaders working in DEI are often building from the ground up, especially inside of existing and long-standing organizations. Like me, they are passionate about the work they do and are willing to take on challenges that others would back down from. I couldn't think of a group of people who need a strong support system more than this group. I've also done my share of starting entirely new departments from scratch - four in four years, plus overhauling existing departments and adding services.

Am I a DEI Expert?

No. I am passionate about creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive social system, but I do not claim to be an expert in this field. I am, however, an expert at preventing burnout and overcoming imposter syndrome. I've been using my own system for more than half a decade and it hasn't let me down yet.

Why me?

I am an expert problem-solver. I know systems and processes, and I can see efficiency gains that others miss. I'm an action-taker and change-maker. People are often surprised at how I manage to accomplish so much. My experience working in corporate America has taught me about the specific challenges that leaders in this space face when it comes to organizational change. I also spent the better part of a decade working as the "token" in this space, so I can empathize with the challenges that come from being in that position.