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the 5 Burnout Archetypes


About the Program


You cannot solve the problem of burnout by doing the same thing that caused you to burn out in the first place: by doing more.

What you’ve been told:

  • More rest

  • More self-care

  • More meditation

To do this you have to figure out how to find more time in your days for these activities. It's one more thing on the ever-growing to-do list.

Maybe it's time to start doing less.

  • Less saying yes to everything

  • Less trying to make everyone else happy

  • Less accepting of that which drains you

The premise of the 5 Burnout Archetypes is simple: Become an expert in yourself to protect your energy and maintain your wellness by recognizing the patterns that cause you to DO TOO MUCH


Phase 1:
Deconstructing Burnout

Phase 2:
The 5 Burnout Archetypes

Phase 3:
Next Steps

Drive Extraordinary Change as a Visionary Leader

  • Handle changing priorities with ease

  • Stand up against injustice

  • Lead systemic & societal change

  • Support the people you care about

A Framework that Drives Results

A Strategy for Success

This program will give you the tools to create custom solutions for you and your sphere of influence

Access to a Life-Tested Coach

You can’t get help from someone who hasn’t been there. I’ve worked with centuries-old industries, government contracts, and non-profits supporting systemic issues. From creating new departments to leading multi-billion-dollar organizational changes, your Coach has the experience to walk through this with you.

Trusted Methodology

The 5 Burnout Archetypes were developed using the methodologies of engineering, project management, process improvement, leadership, and coaching.

Enrollment Opening 2023

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