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Leading Organizational Change

Kari Zee, PE, ACC (she/her/hers)

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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Whether you are amidst a generational change-over or following through on your commitment to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, Kari Zee Coaching provides the simple, logical, and sustainable solutions you are seeking.

With more than a decade of experience working in the engineering and construction industry, I am trained to provide you with tried and true tools and processes to solve your problems and improve your performance.

Foundations of Transformative Change

To create impactful and lasting change, you need a solid foundation on which to build. These four foundations serve as the basis for my coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements that create the version of you the next chapter of your life requires.


My approach emphasizes the power we each hold in creating the life we want and connecting you with your truest self.

Social Awareness

My objective is to remove the barriers that prevent the growth you desire. Social awareness paints the whole picture.

Logical Solutions

My logical approach utilizes STEM methods and strategies to overcome challenges and drive towards goals.

Dynamic Leadership

My idea of transformation challenges leaders to adapt to create changes within yourself, your organization, and your community.

Empower your people, enjoy your results


1 on 1, Group, or Team Coaching to develop people


Targeted events to solve specific problems


Keynotes and presentations to empower and educate

Work with a Certified Professional


Kari's suggestions are immediately actionable and simple but create high impact

Anonymous Feedback on Presentation

Provides me with challenging questions to make me think differently and gain new perspectives. Also, I am a big fan of simple tools that can be practically applied, immediately as I come out of my sessions.

Anonymous Client Feedback

Kari has wonderful support documents which help my problems and is very open for conversation

Anonymous Client Feedback

Kari is articulate and is an active listener. She clearly reiterates what she hears and coaches me towards holistic view - one that I already have but couldn't see. She helps clear the fog. She's a great coach!

Anonymous Client Feedback

Kari is an amazing, dynamic coach who has inspired me to really dig deep and find my way! I had three amazing sessions and the last one in particular left me with so much to work on that I cannot wait to continue the coaching journey and see what stunning heights I can reach!

Client wished to remain anonymous, UK

Kari does a great job of digging into the real root cause of some of the things holding me back from being my best. Thank you!

Anonymous Client Feedback

Kari has the capacity and experience to understand my style, strengths and weaknesses. Ultimatley this provides an excelent conduit for a coaching platform. To hear me out, where I'm self-aware, where my blindspots may be and how to come up with effective tools and principles to improve in
specific areas to be more effective and more balanced. Really pleased and impressed with the impact that I feel coming out of coaching sessions with her.

Anonymous Client Feedback

Connecting with Kari was very easy. I feel like we made progress in our very first session. Her skill set was very true to the description provided.


Anonymous Client Feedback

Kari is very encouraging and I feel comfortable being open and vulnerable. She provides a safe space and I know I'm going to get constructive, insightful feedback.

Anonymous Client Feedback

Kari Zee has enthusiasm which is contagious and a message that resonates

Anonymous Feedback on Presentation

Really appreciated the messages in this presentation! Thank you!

Anonymous Feedback on Presentation

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