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Speaker, Coach, and Burnout Prevention Expert

Simple. Logical. Sustainable solutions.
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Take the first step towards more freedom, balance, and peace.

My Coaching Program

Elevate Your Experience

Life doesn't get easier. You get wiser, stronger, and more secure in how you show up to handle it.

Self-mastery. It's the key to burnout prevention, but what does mastering yourself really mean and how can you use this skill to meet your needs, find peace, and experience the freedom of stress-free living?

In my coaching program, I teach you how to become the master of yourself to get the most out life so you can enjoy the Experience for all it's worth without burning out.

Elevate Your Experience

What You Get:

  • Sustainable strategies to prevent burnout

  • A concrete action plan so that handling stressful situations is simple

  • A process for measuring and analyzing your closeness to burnout

  • Tools for personal development, continuous improvement, and sustainable practices for your burnout prevention strategy


Kari's helped me get through strategic roadblocks in my business, most recently with my program launch. I wholeheartedly recommend her for process improvement consulting, especially because she's helped me craft my marketing, branding, and price point, to simplify how I approach my program delivery. She's also helped me look at not only this program launch being a valuable milestone, but has reframed this entire business experience with expanded strategy and my long game in mind. By the end of every call, I always walk away with more clarity, confidence, and the next step(s), ready to move forward.

You won't be disappointed in having Kari work with you. I feel the addition of her in my life has added depth in my network, thoughtfulness, insight, and encouragement, that I've needed for some time while operating my business.

Virginia J, WA, USA

Kari is an amazing, dynamic coach who has inspired me to really dig deep and find my way! I had three amazing sessions and the last one in particular left me with so much to work on that I cannot wait to continue the coaching journey and see what stunning heights I can reach!

Client wished to remain anonymous, UK

I contacted Kari a couple of years ago to educate and assist me on how to become financially free and emotionally liberated . After raising two children on my own for several years, I felt it was time to start focusing on myself. In many discussions with Kari about my priorities and areas needing improvement, without judgement, we created a plan specifically for me with attainable goals, and she encouraged me to seek answers to the tough questions she posed to me. We continue to have one on one conversations about my progress/success, and she continues to offer support when needed. I am ever so grateful for Kari's dedication, continued communications and support, and because of her I am living a very contented life.

Patricia Z, PA, USA

In my coaching sessions with Kari, I was continually challenged to think from different perspectives. What I appreciated most was that she was not afraid to ask the hard questions that pushed me to clarify what was really important. I brought challenging decision-making dilemmas that I was facing, and she consistently contributed a supportive and energizing presence that kept me encouraged to meet my goals. Kari has a unique combination of empathy and problem-solving that will motivate you to experience powerful growth.


Bethany P, MN, USA

Kari challenged my thinking by asking thought provoking questions. These questions helped me realize discrepancies in my thinking, as well as the steps I needed to take to succeed in my career. Kari's extensive corporate experience really helped me overcome some of the challenges I was facing. When facing these challenges, I felt really confident that I had made the right decision. Kari really made me believe that I could succeed at work. Kari's coaching is unique in the sense that she's able to combine corporate mentoring with traditional coachig. This is really useful for anyone who needs coaching for career success.

Elyssa B, CAN

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